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    A new turntable: introducing the T-5

    The all-new T-5 is our answer to the needs of contemporary audiophiles – a great performer designed to be compact, practical and smart. Our unique sound signature is the foundation for this turntable, and it’s a constant in our designs as our company DNA is rooted in the art of reproducing vinyl.

    For the T-5, we have developed a 15mm thick platter made of ultra-clear glass, a high quality material that provides the right density and structure to extract fine details from the groove while minimising noise. The platter is matched with an inverted bearing, an elegant solution to increase the stability of the platter while also ensuring frictionless rotation.

    The plinth is 23mm thick and made of HDF, a high-density composite material that’s strong and light. The plinth is further refined by removing material in strategic points (around the motor, the bearing and the edges) to create a shape that minimises resonance by breaking the transmission pattern of vibrations.

    Available with an elegant black lacquer finish, it comes with our acclaimed B-5.2 tone arm and the removable dust cover in transparent acrylic.

    As all our turntables, the T-5 is made by hand in Italy with love and care.

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