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    Gold Note Galileo Modular Equipment Shelf (Single)

    • To order: select finish and spacing from above and add quantity to basket depending on the tier you require. Price is for a single shelf including feet. It is possible and encouraged to mix and match spacing (e.g. base, 30cm, 20cm to form a three-tier rack).
    Galileo, the first audio rack created by Gold Note, is named after the scientist Galileo Galilei born in the mid 1500s and is made to honour the most illuminated physician, mathematician, astronomer and engineer of the 2nd millennium.
    The Galileo rack’s design combines several details deriving from the best Gold Note turntables, like Bellagio Conquest and Mediterraneo, to offer both a great dampening effect and a beautiful unique Italian design.
    Its unique shape reminds of various monuments designed by the great Renaissance maestro Michelangelo, like the monumental staircase in the Biblioteca Laurenziana (Library) as well as the Monumental Tombs of Lorenzo Dei Medici, also designed by Michelangelo. With its softly curved and rounded shelf angles, Galileo combines a fantastic and elegant look with a superb dampening effect due to its anti-seismic design.
    Every shelf is made of two massive MDF or Italian walnut hardwood layers interfaced with a 3mm stainless steel layer, kept together by 16 stainless bolts creating a 45mm thick module of 20/25kg.
    The Galileo shelf’s dimensions are 700mm W x 45mm H x 650mm D and it can hold up to 100kg of units per shelf, so that our rack can virtually handle any kind of audio gear that deserves the best audio quality performance. From an aesthetic viewpoint, it’s obviously a great match with our turntables and Hi-Fi electronics, repeating the materials and colours already used for our products.
    Galileo is offered with solid finely machined aluminium hourglass feet and giant interfacing bronze inserts. The feet feature a great dampening effect due to the elliptical shape that distributes the longitudinal forces along the foot that is 10mm recessed into the wooden shelf and it is coupled with a 30x48mm bronze threaded insert for even better dampening results.


    • 45mm thick shelves with anti-seismic design in massive MDF or Italian walnut hardwood with internal 3mm stainless steel polished reinforcement
    • allows custom assembling from one single shelf to multiple shelves with different height options
    • extra-solid finely machined aluminium adjustable feet
    • interfacing the hourglass foot to increase coupling effect energy absorption
    • integrated and invisible spikes

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